xvi listening to my body at last

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  1. lou

    July 30, 2010 at 10:06 am

    Try this fellow suffers:-

    The Pulse Test is a traditional way of diagnosing food
    sensitivities and helps to determine potential problem
    foods. Learning to take your pulse at rest and then
    monitoring its pattern and rate at different times
    around eating “suspect” foods, provides great insight in your body’s reactions to things you eat and drink, as well as to your emotions and environment. The pulse is best found on the carotid artery, in the neck or throat area,just underneath the jaw. Press the first 2 fingers gently on the artery until you pick up the beat of the pulse. Count the beats in a 10 second count and multiply by 6 to get the beats per minute. Take your pulse before
    you eat or drink anything. Take your pulse again, 20
    minutes after ingesting ONE suspect food. Test ONE
    food at a time, so avoid eating anything else with the
    food you want some information about. If your pulse
    has risen 10-15 beats, or it’s “racing”, your body may
    well be reacting negatively to that food. Re-test the
    same food several times on different days, to get a
    clearer “Yes” or “No” answer from your body.

    It’s a brilliant way to find out what you can and can’t eat!!

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